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Arbitration Awards
Bolingbrook Disiplinary Grievance — Arbitration of discipline in Bolingbrook was awarded to MAP and the local chapter by the arbitrator Margo Newman.

Schaumburg Disciplinary Award
The Grievance is Granted...

Westchester Sergeants Arbitration Award
It’s good to get some honest decisions.

Morris Arbitration—The city argues that wages alone are not the primary consideration. It points out that, as contrasted with other communities, it pays the full amount for health insurance and that the costs of such have been increasing continuously.

MAP Wins Grievance for NIU Officer—Another long, hard fought battle on behalf of our members results in getting an officer’s job back.

Chicago State Univ—Maintaining Pay Parity
MAP WINS ANOTHER GRIEVANCE! Chicago State University Chapter #297 — maintaining pay parity between salaries of police officers.

Prospect Heights Furlough Grievance—
MAP HAS WON A MAJOR GRIEVANCE on behalf of our Prospect Heights Patrol and Prospect Heights Sergeants, where forced furlough days were the issue

Lake in the Hills Interest Arbitration
A NICE INTEREST ARBITRATION WIN FOR MAP on the one issue of wages. While the arbitrator seemingly did not like either proposal, he went with MAP’s.

Lockport Overtime Grievance—ON OCTOBER 6, 2010, ARBITRATOR BYRON YAFFE ruled in favor of MAP’s grievance where the City of Lockport denied our grievant’s request to work scheduled overtime on the basis of his seniority. Nice award attached.

Bolingbrook tuition reimbursement grievance post-hearing memorandum—MAP respectfully requested this arbitrator find that the Village failed to prove an economic need to eliminate tuition reimbursement for 2009–2010.

MAP wins Another Arbitration for Orland Park
The February 2010 decision and award on a compensatory issue