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United to Meet the Labor Needs of Law Enforcement
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Pension Reform Bill
Applies consideration model to State of Illinois pension plans, downstate public safety plans and Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund...

Sad Day for Law Enforcement — Earlier today, a major slap to the face of the entire Law Enforcement community quietly occurred when the Illinois Parole Board voted 8 to 7 to parole convicted cop killer, Joseph Bigsby.

AG's Opinion on RTW —Counties and municipalities (whether home-rule or non-home-rule), as well as all other political subdivisions, units of local government, and school districts of this State, are precluded by Federal law from enacting ordinances or resolutions that limit or restrict the use of union security agreements...

Legislative UpdatePublished for labor activists by the Illinois AFL-CIO

New Jersey Court Ruling on Pensions—N.J. State pensions – veto of pension funding violates public employees’ contractual rights

Graham vs Connor - What Every Cop Should Know—This case deals with the legal aspects for using force in the course of affecting an arrest, investigatory stop, or other seizure of a free citizen. Or to answer the question “how will I be judged by a court if someone sues me for using excessive force?”

Breaking the Silence Video—This video is specific to law enforcement but the message truly applies to all.  As a member of the Workplace Taskforce for the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention it is important that we get the message out, suicide is preventable and the only way to get there is to Break the Silence...

Breaking the silence on law enforcement suicides— In a profession where strength, bravery, and resilience are revered, mental health issues and the threats of officer suicide are often “dirty little secrets”— topics very few want to address or acknowledge.

Anti-ticket Quota Clears IL Senate—Under Senate Bill 3411, police departments would be prohibited from requiring officers to issue specific numbers of traffic citations within specific periods of time. Departments would not be allowed to evaluate officer performance based on the number of citations they issue.

House Bill 4464—HB 4464 requires that offenders who are sentenced to prison for Aggravated Battery to public safety officers involving great bodily harm, serve 85% of their sentence.


More information on police suicides
Police Suicide; A Professional's Perspective

State of the State Talking Points
Rauner Anti-Worker Agenda
Attacking the middle class will not produce prosperity...