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United to Meet the Labor Needs of Law Enforcement
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The Rap Sheet—
News, Views and Events

Winter 2017Implicit bias...who, me?

Fall 2017 De-Escalation

Summer 2017Media Buzz

Spring 2017My Sap

Fall 2016Time for the b.s. to stop

Summer 2016Quotas were us!

Spring 2016From clinical to emphatic to warrior to fetal to wuss

Winter 2015Body Cameras

Fall 2015To Live and Die on Death Row

Summer 2015 It ain't like it used to be

Spring 2015 Stink, stank, stunk

Winter 2014 Up against the wall

Fall 2014 Heros

Spring 2014 Scrooged

Winter 2013 When Cops Give Up

Late Summer/Early Fall 2013Respect is what we deserve

Summer 2013The media and you

— Another year of pension nonsense

Winter 2012 Doing it right

Whatever it is, I'm against it!

Spring 2012 Final Thoughts on the Death Penalty

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