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Pension News
Pensions in the press—again
I no sooner posted my last Opinion Piece on our website in early November when a few days later, a story appeared in an area newspaper. It asked the question if pension ads tell the realstory.

Pensions in jeopardy
Even with the recent general assembly fall veto session ending without any legislation introduced to mangle your pensions, “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” As the session ended, legislators spoke of a special meeting by year’s end where they would take up some unfinished business. And we all know what that unfinished business is, don’t we?

The pension saga continues
Everyone knows this is the gift that keeps on giving like the proverbial Aunt Martha’s fruitcake that gets passed around by the relatives. Here it’s the pension legislation that is passed around the House or Senate floor, hoping that reps will bite and pass something, even if you don’t like the taste.

Pension Reform Bill

Pension plan voted down for now…
That could change by the time I write this and post it on our website, or shortly thereafter. But the end of the legislation session came and went without pension reform. And it died despite the ramblings of the socalled pension expert, (according to some in the press) our not-so-favorite legislator from Northbrook and the media as a whole.

The pension bill has passed
The pension bill has passed the Illinois House and Senate by big margins. What’s in it? We’ll keep you advised in our next piece, but first, some commentary on the bill and the pension article, which appeared most recently in the Chicago Tribune.

Red Alert! Pension Emergency Days Set Politicians are expected to return to Springfield on Tuesday, December 3, to vote on a new pension bill that will likely be as damaging to public employees and retirees as any yet proposed. This is it – the biggest legislative threat to our retirement security that we’ve faced.