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Did you get the opportunity to watch the Cook County Commissioners as they approved Toni Preckwinckle’s 2018 budget? Overwhelmingly approved, the budget and its 300 job cutting punishment because the Cook County president’s sugar tax was repealed.

Yes, she and her cowardly contingent would rather punish the taxpayer for the failure of their citizens to buy into the myth that was to tax sugar drinks to save y’all from being fat. Such a joke and a lie.

But the real tragedy was watching the people beg for their jobs. Some after almost 20 years of service being laid off. Not just canned, but let go on Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season.

With tears in their eyes they asked for mercy from the commission to not take away their jobs. So sad to watch. But the pasty-faced commissioners could care less.

Someone has to pay for the bloated bureaucracy that exists in Cook County and it is always the employee who ultimately pays.

Government at its best. That’s how it always goes. They say they must make the hard choices and this is the way of leadership. Leading by making people miserable. This is what I’ve learned about government when it comes to employees.

Leaders are just like the Honey Badger. They just don’t care.

Vita é bella.


Not making America great

Here’s some interesting garbage for you. Those of you who still watch football — our un-American pastime — are familiar with plenty of protestors, most of them black players who are generally good people illustrate their utmost contempt for our country and cops every week.

Take a knee, sit, raise a fist to protest the indignity of our country’s racist and brutal police officers. Okay? What is that accomplishing?

Meanwhile, they accept the protection our fellow cops give them at every game while they cash their multi-million-dollar paychecks and live the lavish life. Absurdity at its best. How do they protest when not on the gridiron? They don’t.

Yes, I know they have a right to protest. Whoopee-doo. What are they doing to improve all those brutalized gangbangers by a brutal police officer? Or vice versa. Not much from what I can see.

Colin Kaepernick, the QB who kissed his tatts (he can kiss my ass) on his biceps when he made a good play, which wasn’t really that often. He began the protests to dishonor soldiers, cops and our anthem, our very country.

The anthem protestors are following the guy who wore socks with police officers looking like pigs. He thinks cops have less training than beauty cosmeticians and degrades cops at every opportunity. Oh yeah, he also donated cash to groups that honor those who have killed police officers. Nice fellow, isn’t he?

Now the NAACP in California is proposing a two-part law. First, removing the National Anthem, a glowing tribute since 1931, because it is the most racist, pro-slavery and anti-black song ever in their opinion. They say it disenfranchises blacks. Such bile, makes me puke. Second, is to get Colin Kaepernick back with the NFL as a QB once more. Passing a law to get a job for a QB who opted out of his contract with the 49’ers? A two-part law to get Kapernick a job? Really?

See where this is going? We are supposed to roll over in this crap so Mr. K. can get his “rightful” place back in the NFL. But it doesn’t seem any team wants this controversial figure, who is average at best, on their team. Can you say Jay Cutler?

These crybabies in the NFL should get some skin in the game. Do something really worthwhile to protect the poor folks they are all fighting for? Do something other than disrespecting cops and our country.

How about being a reserve officer at your local PD to see what really goes on? Maybe like Charles “Peanut” Tillman, late of the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers. Mr. Tillman is currently in the FBI Academy ready to join the ranks of law enforcement.

Wimpy Kaepernick or Charles Tillman? How about the other Tillman? Pat Tillman, after 9/11, quit the NFL and a lucrative career to join the army. As you know, he was killed in Afghanistan serving his country. Kaepernick or Pat Tillman? I think NBA Shaq was a reserve cop somewhere, too.

Steven Segal, the Hollywood dude known for his martial arts, environmental, and animal rights work is a reserve in Louisiana’s Parish County. Segal might be a guy of many talents, and some not so good, the point is he did something besides run his big mouth for people instead of these impotent kneeling protests.

So you, the copper who loves football, who’s it going to be:

Kapernick: Kiss my keester?

Charles Tillman: G-man?

Pat Tillman: decorated and deceased Army ranger?

Keep in mind as we close, how early on the TV networks loved the protests, showing every single a-hole kneeling no matter what race. Oh boy, we have a story! Now the cowards skip the anthem.

Boos can be heard, some seats are empty, and TV viewers are diminishing. Got the owners and advertisers worried. Let’s keep quiet. The protests all of a sudden are not so important to the world of television. You can protest too. Turn it off. Car 54, where are you? might be playing on MeTV.

Vita é bella.

Always in November

Summer is over and fall soon will be, too. Time to get ready for the cold, dark days of winter.

Tofu Day and Santa will be here soon and the new year will bring us endless political nonsense. As it looks now, 2018 will subject us to more Bruce Rauner ads for governor that one man or woman should ever be subjected to.

So for a year until next November, when the election nears, we will hear why we should vote for another super-rich politician who will demand that we follow his wealthy agenda.

I’m not having any of it. Rauner the Bruce has demonstrated over and over again that he is not a friend of public sector workers. He of the $91,000,000 earnings for last year begrudges you a worthy retirement and collective bargaining protections.
All for the taxpayers of Illinois who will not see one dime in their pockets if he gets his bs turnaround agenda eventually passed.

Hell, he can give us some of his $91 million and save the taxpayers some coin. But what’s his is his. Doesn’t bother me, but don’t take away from us grunts.
Now, I’m not saying that any of the democratic hopefuls would be any better, but Rauner? Please do some homework.

Rauner’s base is disappearing, his democratic colleagues distrust him, he despises unions and he now vows to fight for local governments to have the right to be a right-to-work community.

Nothing but bad there, folks. Turn off the noise and forget his propaganda. He ain’t no good if you’re a public service employee.

Enjoy the onset of winter.
Vita é bella.


Good, bad, or lousy?
I vote for lousy. And that describes the government in Illinois, as well as the press. Crooked, disingenuous, liars, and all that equals lousy.

Let’s start with the press. Over the last few days, they are complaining about police overtime in Chicago. Really, over 500 homicides and over two thousand attempted murders that the press still calls “shootings; cops, underpaid, overworked and underappreciated, being forced to work overtime and the press complains about it?

And yes, some make DUI stops and volunteer to work more at shift change? So what? What would the press think of that DUI stop being ignored? No, they just infer that cops are cheating to get overtime. Sad.

And I read an article about Lt. Louis activists and the praise they get while the reporter refers to an unarmed Michael Brown being shot and killed by a white cop. No mention that the grand jury did not indict due to testimony of black folks who told the truth. No mention that Brown attacked the cop. Disgusting. I’d say they are very disingenuous.

And politicians? Look at the soda tax. Preckwinkle moans and groans to save fat kids from sugary drinks. When she announced her new budget a few days ago, she said if the soda tax is repealed it would trigger an 11 percent cut to public health and criminal justice jobs.

So she is going to punish the folks by threatening the most needed of services. Nice, huh? And then she said this, that her commissioners “…faced a moment of truth…because you know we need this revenue.” Notice she did not say we need the revenue to save the fat kids! I’d say that this is lying at its best.

And if you want a definition of lousy, read the recent Tribune article Doomed by Delay by Patricia Callahan.

It’s an investigative report that shines brightly on the incompetence of Illinois legislators when it comes to processing the state’s newborn screening program, which was supposed to be immune from budget pressures. It’s very essence was to save the lives of newborn babies during the screening process at hospitals.

You must read the lengthy article to grasp the irresponsibility of our lawmakers. The highlight, however, was this gem:

“To make (the screening process) worse, the (Illinois) legislature in October 2008 passed a law that allowed a state to raid the newborn screening fund, taking $500,000 from it to pay for unrelated expenses — calling this a sweep.” Sweep? My ass.

So it was okay for the fund to run low because of this “sweep” that ultimately produces profound suffering for babies and their families that could have been avoided if the screening was performed in the hospital as originally planned.

Why the press and public continue to think the pension crisis is the fault of public workers is beyond me. If they steal from newborn babies, why wouldn’t they steal from us? Put the blame where blame is due — the politicians.

I see no good here, a lot of bad, and way too much lousy. Vita é bella.

Second time the charm
Depends on where you stand. For labor, this is a must win. The US Supreme Court has decided to resurrect the 2016 case Janus vs AFSCME.

The highest court will try for a second time to decide if millions of government workers can refuse to pay union dues, specifically fair share.

With the earlier death of a justice, this case resolved to a 4 – 4 tie, which means that the 1977 ruling Abood vs Detroit Board of Education prevailed and kept fair share dues constitutional, as long as dues were not used for political activities.

The issue is to whether or not a union should allow “free riders,” those workers who benefit from a contract but do not pay dues.

Rauner the Bruce, of course, is as happy as a clam. With a new conservative court appointee, a conservative governor, think tanks, and other republicans are banking on a win where the court would rule against labor.

The Bruce calls it “transformative” for the state, America, and the taxpayer. He despises unions because of the clout they have with democrats and due to a union’s ability to bargain for better working conditions and wages via a collective bargaining contract.

The bad guys feel they have a 90 percent chance of winning, which means unionization in Illinois could find itself going down the proverbial tubes!

Without this guarantee of union dues, there will be a whole lot of shakin’ going on. And if the worst happens and unions lose members and dues, say hello to the good old days where negotiating means sitting there on an individual basis with your hat in your hand begging.

Once the contracts disappear, wages and benefits are cut, and your retirement dreams become just that — a dream — the unions will again rise from the ashes.

When workers are dismissed on a whim with no legal recourse but your own pocket, workers will realize how “fubar’d” it all is. Labor, however, has a 40-year history of precedent here.

Let’s hope that the US Supreme Court does, in fact, honor its earlier ruling in this issue. Vita é bella.

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