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United to Meet the Labor Needs of Law Enforcement
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MAP Services
Collective Bargaining:
MAP will tailor your contract to fit the requirements that your chapter desires to obtain the very best in wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Mediation and Interest Arbitration:
MAP strives to negotiate your contract in good faith, providing the equality you deserve at negotiation sessions. If impasse is reached, MAP is prepared to call in federal impartial mediators and arbitrators when necessary.

Contract Maintenance and
Grievance Resolution:

After your contract is completed, MAP does not go away.
Our legal staff is ready to assist you as disputes arise in order to ensure that your employer does not violate your contract. When disputes cannot be resolved during your grievance procedure timelines, MAP will enter into the grievance arbitration stage when necessary.

Unfair Labor Practices (ULP):
When appropriate and indicated during periods of bad faith bargaining, MAP will file ULPs with the Illinois Labor Board (or other labor boards) and argue these issues to provide remedy and relief to our members.